3 reasons why to make a website backup

Having a backup of your site is a security tool, since there are many problems that a website can face. If you've never backed up your data before, it's time to get started.

If you work with your website or use it as a showcase you certainly don't want to risk losing all the content inside. Having a backup is the safest system to be able to easily recover your data in case of emergency.

Do you think your site doesn't need it? We show you 3 key reasons why you should definitely back up your website that will definitely change your mind.

3 reasons why to make a website backup
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Hackers are always updating

No company can be said to be safe from new ones hack mode: cybercriminals are constantly looking for increasingly sophisticated solutions to overcome technological barriers and take possession of precious data and for this reason it is important to have a site backup.

Thousands of sites are hacked every day, causing stress and loss of revenue. Big websites, medium websites, even small fledgling sites – they are all hacked without discrimination. Hackers target the software your website uses to stay up and running, and by getting into this software they can steal sensitive customer data or even take over your website.

Being able to obtain sensitive and private information, hackers can decide to sell it or ask for ransom from the owner. Having a backup is obviously not the solution to protect yourself from any hacker attacks, but avoid getting yourself into unpleasant situations, in fact if a hacker takes your data as a ransom with a backup you can easily recover them without paying and then proceed to legal action.

Protection and insurance against human errors

While hacker attacks, malware, and viruses in general are the most notorious damages, they are not the only ones harming your website. Update errors can pose a real threat and are more common than you might think.

If you have a website created with the WordPress CMS, you will have installed a series of plugins within the site that will guarantee you specific functions. These plugins are subject to frequent updates and before performing an update it is always indicated to perform a backup. Because? When you update a plugin it is possible that this update conflicts with other site features, for this reason having a site backup is essential to recover the previous version of the website in case of malfunctions.

Also, the human errors are very common: it can happen that you accidentally delete content on the website or make a mistake in a plugin configuration procedure that crashes the website. Having an always up-to-date site backup protects you from these unpleasant situations and avoids having to redo work that involved effort, time and above all money.

Protect your business

If you work with your website or e-commerce it is important to protect it. Try to think about what would happen if all the shop products disappeared from your e-commerce? It would be a disaster in economic terms, as your business will have to crash and lose significant revenues. Having a backup is the essential weapon to protect your business, your income and your earnings.

With an updated site backup, when errors or attacks occur on the website, it is possible to proceed immediately with the backup procedure data recovery, returning the website to the version that was previously saved and thus removing the errors and/or malware that may have attacked the website. Furthermore, it is not necessary for you to create the backup manually, but there are dedicated plugins (e.g. Duplicator Pro) which allow you to create automatic backup systems on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

A site backup helps you avoid wasting time and money to rebuild your website from scratch and above all it prevents you from having to stay offline for a certain period of time, thus losing revenue from your business.

Backup protects and safeguards you

Do you understand why it is so important to have a backup of your website? First of all, it keeps you safe from hacker attacks, moreover, it keeps your site safe during the plugin update phase and protects you from involuntary activities that could compromise your work.

Don't wait, start defining your recovery strategy by setting up a periodic site backup. Contact us to get information about how to make a backup of the site.

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