3 Tips to manage your e-commerce

E-commerce is the tool you need to be able to expand your sales on the web too. You created it but now you don't know how to manage it or what features to add? Want to add functionality to your website, here are 3 tips that will help you.

3 tips to manage your e-commerce
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Add filters to your shop

The easier it is for users to find the products they need, the more likely they are to sell, resulting in a high conversion rate. To make life easier for customers, e-commerce must have a simple and intuitive structure, with a clear menu and sub-categories that help identify the items in the catalogue. In addition, well-configured search filters should be implemented, allowing anyone to quickly view the products they are looking for.

Create a specific blog for your e-commerce

In managing an e-commerce, the support of content marketing is essential, to increase organic traffic and find new potential customers. The contents can be conveyed through a blog integrated into the e-commerce portal or through external channels connected to the online store such as social pages and YouTube channels. Content marketing is also used to profile users and make sure you receive targeted visits with the products sold. 

Creating a blog for your e-commerce can be an effective way to improve the visibility of your website and increase customer trust. The blog can be used to post interesting and informative articles about your product or service, industry news, customer advice, and much more. Furthermore, the blog can be used to optimize the site for search engines, increasing the organic visibility of the site and attracting more qualified traffic. In summary, creating a blog for your e-commerce can be an effective way to improve your business' online presence.

Compare your products

Comparing products is an important activity in determining which products are best suited to meet consumer needs. This process involves evaluating the characteristics and performance of each product, such as quality, functionality, price and efficiency. The comparison allows you to identify the advantages and disadvantages of each product and to make an informed choice as to which is best suited to your needs. Furthermore, by comparing products, it is possible to discover new opportunities for improvement and innovation to create products that are even more efficient and satisfying for consumers.
Showcase all your work and compare before and after results on the same page. It doesn't matter if you are into interior design or clothing design, find more customers and promote your products and services.
Before and after pictures will help you visualize the positive effect of your products or show the power of your skills or the services you provide. Just choose two photos and upload them to the widget. The Slider will be created automatically and users will be able to move the divider and see the difference.

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