5 must haves for a secure website

In an increasingly digital world, online security has become a priority for many businesses. Websites are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks, such as phishing, malware and data theft. There are however some practices you can follow to ensure the security of your website. In this article, we will explore the 5 must haves for a secure website.

5 must haves for a secure website
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SSL certificate

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a security protocol that encrypts the data transmitted between the website and the visitor's browser. Installing an SSL certificate protects your website visitors from theft of sensitive data, such as payment information. There are several types of SSL certificates, but the most common is the Domain Validation (DV) certificate.

Protect the copyright of your content from copy-pasting

A security system that you absolutely must have on your website is the anti copy-paste software. This allows you to protect the copyright of the contents of your website and prevent users from copying and using them for other purposes.

This type of system allows you to go and prevent copy-paste, in fact when a user tries to copy a piece of text he will see an error message which will not allow him to complete the action.

Security Plugins

Hackers, malware, backdoor attacks, and spam are just some of the threats that can affect website servers, website infrastructure, and even visitor data.

These security threats threaten your profits, customer trust and site stability, so it is important to install a dedicated security software useful to be able to go and block attacks by external bots.

Using these security plugins on a website is like taking out insurance and installing an alarm system, an example of security software is the iThemes Security plugin, which is one of the most interesting solutions to protect your website, with 30+ features to prevent hacks and unwanted intrusions. It focuses heavily on recognizing plugin vulnerabilities, outdated software, and weak passwords, making iThemes a complete security plugin for any type of WordPress site.


The captcha code is used to protect users and the website from spam and from the various automations implemented by bots. These are used by hackers to carry out brute-force attacks, a methodology by which software iteratively enters credentials into a login form until they can successfully log in and take over an account.

The same bots can be used for wild spamming in the comments section, or in your inbox, via the contact form. For this reason, one of the major uses of the captcha is in the contact section, to prevent a bot from storming our email with misleading, aggressive and dangerous advertising.

User privacy protection

Privacy protection is another important consideration for the security of your website. There are many privacy laws that must be complied with, such as the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is important to ensure that your website visitor data is protected and treated securely and in compliance with privacy laws. For this reason, a must for your website is certainly to insert cookie banners in order to be able to adapt to privacy legislation.

Make your website secure

Website security is essential to protect visitor data and ensure safe browsing. By adopting these 5 must haves you can protect your website from cyber attacks and hacking attempts, spam and even content thieves.

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