5 Reasons to have a multilingual site

A multilingual site consists of a web page addressed to several people of different nationalities, which however has the same message as its fulcrum.

You might think that the English language is the ideal language to make a site accessible to everyone. In fact, people love to browse sites that contain content written in their native language, especially when they're looking for a product or service to purchase. If you own a business that sells online to an international target, having a multilingual site can therefore be a good strategy to increase the conversion rate.

Not convinced? Let's find out together 5 reasons why you should have a multilingual site for your company!

5 reasons to have a multilingual site
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Reach your target more effectively

Does your company operate in international markets? Then it would be a good idea to offer useful information about your products or services in the native language of your potential customers, so that your website is more understandable and more likely to lead to results.

The main objective of a company is certainly to earn and grow, but how can all this materialize? If your company sells products and services to foreign markets and therefore interfaces with a large audience that speaks different languages, translating the website into the target's languages is essential for making communication more effective and direct. Having a site translated into the languages spoken by your target audience will allow you to provide one better user experience And more likely to get sales results internationally.

Put your business ahead

Being in an advantage position over your competitors is a very powerful incentive. For example, if you operate in a market that affects potential customers of multiple nationalities and your competitors don't have a multilingual site to get a competitive advantage you must have a multilingual site. This can help differentiate you and outperform your competitors.

First impressions play a key role in marketing. People will form an idea of your business based on what they see when they visit your website, so it's crucial that you get your message across to as many people as possible. Creating a multilingual site, changing the message and look of your web page and drawing on other cultures will help generate security and credibility in your company, to improve your global reputation and to get a advantage over your competitors.

Make your site professional

Another of the many advantages that a multilingual site can offer is that of the image. When a user browses a site where there are contents written in his native language, he will feel more considered by the company and this will improve reputation and theimage of the brand. In a website, taking care of the details makes the difference.

To create a usable and functional multilingual site, however, it is necessary to pay close attention to the software you choose to translate your website, since if it is not of good quality there is the risk of not obtaining an optimal translation for the various languages. A great translation plugin on the market is TranslatePress (also available in the Pro version), which allows you to Automatically translate website content in several languages.

From a professionally translated multilingual site, one can deduce that the owner has invested in that site, and this denotes care and attention on their part. In these cases, your website acts as a business card for an international target audience.

Increase your profit

A further advantage of owning a multilingual site is certainly that of gaining higher profit from sales. Even if in the first place, the creation of this kind of site requires an additional amount of money compared to the basic expenses necessary to create a website, it must however be emphasized that the gain will be much higher than the expenses.

Let's imagine that we want to conquer a foreign market: at the very least, we need a space to display and sell your products, a warehouse, someone to welcome customers. If you think of the website as an overseas branch, the savings are obvious. And if you do a good job, customers will come to you.

In this way you will be able to concentrate and invest in after-sales assistance, research, marketing, and all the other activities that are really important for your company, increasing the quality of your market.

Greater customer engagement

Being able to read the contents of a website in one's own language makes us feel more at ease, even more so if we are on that website to shop. Various studies show that being able to access content in one's own language lowers barriers, improves emotional involvement and increases the propensity to purchase. Involving the customer increases the propensity to purchase precisely because, for example, a customer would not buy a product whose functions he does not understand because it is not translated into his language, consequently it will be very difficult to involve and entice him to purchase the product.

The TranslatePress translation plugin, in addition to allowing an automatic translation of the website into different languages, provides a series of additional features that can significantly improve thewebsite browsing experience by the user. For example, you can create gods customized routes in a specific language, in other words you will be able to translate some pages useful for that type of target into English, and into French content that is more relevant for speakers of that specific language, in this way you will be able to create a personalized experience for each user. Also, you can activate the feature of automatic language detection. This feature detects the language used by the user and shows a pop-up inviting you to translate the contents of the website into the language spoken by the user.

A multilingual site undoubtedly guarantees further possibilities for the user browsing the website, who, finding information useful and above all translated into his own language, will be more emotionally involved and more inclined to make a purchase.

Create your multilingual site

In conclusion, create a multilingual site, therefore an internationally addressed web page has many advantages. Firstly, you will be able to expand your company by reaching a target of customers from all over the world and put your business ahead of other competitors. Furthermore, you will be able to increase the visibility of your website by making it professional and involving more customers through multilingual availability, consequently increasing your profit!

We hope we have convinced you, define your strategy now. Contact us for more information or read our article that explains how to translate your website.

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