Automatic Backup: how to do it with Duplicator Pro

Having a site backup is a fundamental activity for your site in order to protect it from possible external attacks, obviously it is important that backups are made continuously, for this reason it is useful to set up an automatic backup system. In this way, a photograph of the website will be taken at pre-established intervals and saved locally or on external disks. We have created a guide to understand how to make an automatic backup with Duplicator Pro.

Automatic backup how to do it with Duplicator Pro
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Create an automatic backup system with Duplicator Pro

As seen in the article how to make a site backup with Duplicator Pro, Duplicator offers both a free and a paid version. In the paid version, as an additional feature, you can schedule the backup according to your needs. Basically, you can set the schedule of backups to occur automatically at specific intervals, so you can be sure that your website is safe and secure and in case something goes wrong on the site you will be able to restore backup most recent.
Backing up your website is important to ensure the safety and availability of a data archive in case of technical or other problems. With Duplicator Pro, you can easily set up a automatic backup of your site, without having to use any code or advanced technical knowledge.
As we have already seen, with Duplicator Pro it is also possible save a backup on google drive, this feature can also be used by setting up an automatic backup system. This way, you will be able to have all your automatic backups in your Drive account.

Set up your automatic backup: step by step guide

To get started, first you need to install and license the Pro version of the Duplicator plugin, otherwise you won't be able to use this feature. To do this you can go directly from the control panel of your website or act from the plugin site by uploading the plugin file manually.
Afterwards, to be able to set up an automatic backup system, go to the section "Schedules” of the plugin and click on “Add New”.
In this screen you can give a backup plan name, choose a package template, usually leave the default one and define it storage, i.e. where to go to save the automatic backup. If no new archives have been created in the Storage section of the Plugin, you will be able to select as archive type Local, otherwise the other defined archives will also be displayed, such as for example Google Drive.
Continuing, you can define the backup cadence by choosing between:

  • hourly (e.g. every hour)
  • daily (e.g. every day)
  • weekly (e.g. every Monday)
  • monthly (e.g. day 1 of each month).
    Finally, you can go to define the time to backup, for example if you choose the daily frequency you can set the following rule: create a backup every day at 4.00. This option is important because it allows you to know exactly when your backup will be created and therefore you will know from when your website will have an updated backup. This can be very useful if you are testing new features that may cause malfunctions or bugs.
    After setting up the backup system, it is important to verify that the configuration has been done correctly. To do this, you can manually launch the backup plan and check that it is successful.

Choose Duplicator Pro for your automatic backup

In conclusion, using Duplicator Pro you can easily set up an automatic backup of your site and ensure its safety and availability. By following these simple steps, you can set up your backup plan quickly and reliably.
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