Banner Cookie: when and how to insert it on the site

Cookie banners are an important part of GDPR compliance and managing the privacy of your website users. In this article, we'll explore what cookie banners are, why they're important for GDPR compliance, and how to create one that's compliant.

Banner Cookie: when and how to insert it on the site
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What banner cookies are and why they are important for GDPR compliance

Cookie banners are notices that appear on websites to inform users that the site uses cookies and to request their consent to data tracking. According to the GDPR, all websites that use third-party or profiling cookies must obtain the user's consent for their use.

Implementing a cookie banner on your website is important to ensure GDPR compliance and to protect user privacy. In fact, failure to comply with this regulation can lead to high financial penalties. Furthermore, it is important that the cookie banner is easily accessible and understandable for users, in order to guarantee informed consent.

How to create a GDPR compliant cookie banner

To create a GDPR compliant cookie banner, you need to include some mandatory information, such as the type of cookie used and the purposes for which they are used. Furthermore, it is important to offer the user various consent and cookie management options, such as the possibility to choose the types of cookies to accept or to withdraw consent at any time.

On the web there are several platforms that offer solutions for inserting cookie banners on your site, for example Google Adsense offers this service for free and is useful for simple sites, while Cookiebot offers a paid service suitable for more complex sites.

Google Adsense and Cookiebot

Google AdSense is a free tool from Google that allows you to earn by showing ads next to online content, but also allows you to insert banners to be gdpr compliant. In essence, through Google Adsense it is possible to activate the function linked to the GPDR in order to obtain a simple but useful cookie banner on your website to comply with the law.

Cookiebot is a much more complex consent management platform that allows you to insert a GDPR-compliant cookie banner, but also customize it according to the style of your website. Furthermore, it has a monitoring system that allows you to catalog all the cookies present on the website and to check if there are new cookies or others that have been removed.

Banner cookies: an essential tool for GDPR compliance

The cookie banner is an essential tool for GDPR compliance and for ensuring the privacy of your website users. Creating a compliant cookie banner, implementing it correctly on your site, and handling user data responsibly are key to ensuring compliance and protecting user privacy.

Monitoring the effectiveness of the cookie banner over time and making any changes based on the new regulations are instead key elements to maintain maximum compliance with the legislation in force.

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