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Sign the collaboration agreement with Svilapp and make your business more solid And more profitable. Unity is strength.

Business is done in twos, otherwise it's called extortion.


Goals reachable together

You will have our corporate resources at your disposal as if they were your own. What purpose you use them for is entirely up to you.


Increase and lengthen the CLV of your customer base.


Less pressure and more managerial work.


Create a technological lock-in on customers.


More organization and greater seniority.

Not competition

The contract of collaboration

Go easy, trust me!" … At Svilapp we prefer to be a little more reassuring than that.

By signing the contract you will be sure that your customers will remain yours forever. We will not compete with you in any way and there will be no unfair actions against you. And viceversa.

Non-Competition and Penalties

Read the Agreement carefully.

Article 4 - Secrecy 
Article 6 - Not Competition
Article 8 - Penalties

How does it work

A plan structured

The program lasts 6 months and is renewed if the objectives are met. During the collaboration period we will work together with co-working sessions to arrive at concrete results.

Definition of Objectives

We define quantitative objectives to be achieved.

Periodic Co-Working

30 min every 2 weeks to optimize our journey together.

Commissions and Fees

A clear and simple compensation mechanism for work done together.

Let's get in touch

Book one fact-finding call

We dedicate time and energy to each Partner we involve, that's why we select candidates carefully.

Fill out the form to receive the facsimile of the collaboration agreement and to be contacted for a 15 minute introductory meeting.