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Developing app


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Implementing E-Commerce allows your business to increase the number of customers with less than proportional growth in management costs, by implementing process automations. Some simple examples: customized discount systems for each customer, promotional newsletters, information notifications on progress and order management. 

You can also monitor the progress of sales on individual customers with the ability to take targeted actions to "keep them warm". Relationships with customers will be more lasting, both in mode B2C that B2B. Monitoring allows you to better spend your promotional budget by directing it where the data indicates better profitability, improving the return on investment. This enhancement is the typical advantage of the digitization and computerization of business processes.

Finally, “digitization” in a general sense is a hot topic regarding tax incentives and state subsidies. Companies that invest in digitization are abundantly rewarded by the state. Clearly the more we go towards a pushed digitization (Industry 4.0) the greater the advantages, but even starting from the basics there are many opportunities to be seized with tax breaks.  

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