Frequently Asked Questions from our Customers

Very often our customers ask us specific and technical questions on how to implement useful features for their website. Some features are extremely technical and it is necessary to have ad hoc skills to be able to implement them, others can be reproduced independently by relying on the use of quality plugins and software to be installed on your WordPress website.

We have collected the frequently asked questions of our customers, dividing them into areas of intervention for websites and defining technical guides that explain step by step all the steps necessary to achieve results.

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Frequently asked questions from our customers
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Security Area

The protection of your website from any external attacks, data losses it is essential for anyone who owns a website. No one wants to invest time and money in creating content and graphics for a site and suddenly lose everything with no chance of recovering it.

There are real ones out there safety interventions of its website that can be implemented, in order to protect its contents, its structure and its design.

Site backups

One of the first implementations to protect your website is to make periodic backups, better if automatic, which allow you to retrieve your content in case of loss as a result of errors, external attacks and/or bugs.

To create a backup of your website, you can take different paths, the best one we recommend is to rely on a dedicated plugin. For example via Duplicator Pro you can create a backup of your website in simple steps. Read our article How to make a site backup with Duplicator Pro to know the step-by-step guide and implement the solution yourself.

Furthermore, Duplicator Pro also allows you to save your backup on a local disk, on external disks or in the cloud, such as for example on your account Google Drive, in this way you will be able to automatically save site backups without occupying local disk memory. An excellent solution especially if you have a very complex and data-rich website.

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