How to restore a backup with Duplicator Pro

Making a backup is an important operation to maintain the security and stability of your site, since in the event of external attacks or malfunctions it is possible to restore the last backup made. But how is the recovery done? Here is a guide to understand how to restore your backup using Duplicator Pro.

How to restore a backup with Duplicator Pro
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Restore your backup with Duplicator Pro

We have seen that using Duplicator Pro it is very simple create a backup, define automatic backups And save backup to google drive. In case of malfunctions or external attacks it is also advisable to know how to restore your backup made with Duplicator Pro.

Duplicator Pro is one of the best plugins to be able to make backups on WordPress sites and also to restore them. Since our customers often ask us technical questions on site management, let's see together what they are all steps necessary to do in order to be able to restore your last backup in case of errors.

Go to the Control Panel of your website built with WordPress and look for the section Duplicator Pro. In the main screen of the plugin you will find the list of all the backups made manually or automatically, depending on whether you have defined a automatic backup system. Select the most recent backup you want to restore and download it to your local computer in order to proceed with the restore.

After downloading the backup you can go to upload it to the server in order to restore the website to the exact same state it was in when the backup was done. To reload the backup file on the server Duplicator provides one php scripts which allows you to carry out the various steps easily via SFTP.

After uploading the file to the website server, visit your site url and then the url /installer.php and enters the Duplicator Pro wizard. At this point Duplicator begins to extract all the files present in the backup and then requests the database access data to set the file wp-config.php and restore the database.

After entering the access data, i.e. database username and password, and the database name, it is necessary to click on the button Database tests to test that the data is correct, so that you can continue the procedure. Subsequently, if there are no errors, Duplicator Pro asks for a confirmation because from the moment the database is restored, the previous one is deleted. In this phase, the installer also asks if you want to change the site name or the domain name. This is useful in case you are using a backup of one site to transfer it to another website. If you are not doing any data migration, proceed without making any changes.

Once the transfer is complete, the installer asks if you want to delete the files after login, usually this operation is best done, then tick the box and continue to complete the procedure.

Common problems when restoring a backup

While restoring a backup, some common problems might occur. We list some of them providing you with some of their possible fixes.

Server timeout issues

If your server has a low timeout time, you may encounter problems restoring a backup. The most common fix for this problem is increase the server timeout time or split the backup into smaller parts.

Plugin compatibility issues

If you encounter compatibility issues with other plugins when restoring a backup, temporarily disable the conflicting plugins and try the restore again.

Space problems on the server

If your server is low on available space, you may encounter problems restoring a backup. To solve this problem is necessary free up space on the server or use a server with more available space.

Choose Duplicator Pro to restore your backup

In conclusion, Duplicator Pro is a reliable option for restoring a backup. With a few simple steps, you can restore your website or blog without worrying about any problems or errors. We recommend that you follow the steps described in this article and keep in mind the common problems described to avoid any inconvenience when restoring your backup.

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