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Working with an Innovative Startup? It suits you! We are an Innovative Startup registered in the special register of Innovative Startups and SMEs, with us you can benefit from the tax benefits provided by the Mise and the PNRR
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What is an Innovative Startup

Before going to analyze what are the advantages that are obtained by working with an innovative startup, let's try to understand what it is and what are the requirements to be such.

When we talk about an innovative startup we mean a young company with strong growth potential that has the main objective promotion of employment And youth entrepreneurship addressed toinnovation and at technological development.

An Innovative Startup, to be such, must be registered in the special register of Startups and Innovative SMEs as disciplined by the law decree 179/2012 - converted into law n. 211 of 19/12/12 - which introduced some specific measures in order to encourage the development of a dynamic and competitive innovation ecosystem and create new opportunities for doing business. The legislation contains i requirements and how to register in the special section of the Register of Companies at the Chamber of Commerce of your province. The main requirements to be defined as an innovative startup are:

  • constitution by less than 5 years
  • site main in Italy
  • annual revenue less than 5 million euros
  • does not distribute of useful
  • she has not quotas or actions of the share capital on a regulated market
  • is not established following a merger or a corporate split
  • has as its exclusive corporate purpose the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value.

Tax breaks: the advantages for an innovative startup

One of the main benefits of an innovative startup is the ability to benefit from a number of tax breaks.

One of the first benefits is the possibility of having incentives to invest in innovative start-up capital, that is, those who want to invest in an innovative startup can benefit from one tax relief for investments, provided that the investor will participate in the innovative startup for a minimum of three years.

An innovative startup has the possibility of free access to the Guarantee Fund for SMEs and to participate in the announcement Smart & Start Italy.

Other benefits that an innovative startup can benefit from are:

  • Obtain the services ofICE agency with a discount of 30%;
  • Do not lose the benefits following the transformation into Innovative SME;
  • Obtain exemption from chamber rights And stamp duties;
  • Raise capital through equity crowdfunding;
  • Benefit from exceptions to the ordinary corporate discipline;
  • Make use of the flexible work discipline;
  • Ability to remunerate employees through equity participation;
  • Obtain exemption from the obligation to affix the compliance visa for VAT credit compensation;
  • Possibility of having extension of the deadline for the coverage of losses;
  • Benefit from the exemption from the regulation on shell companies and at systematic loss;
  • Possibility of Fail Fast.


Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the facilities dedicated to innovative startups were strengthened. The law decree in which they are contained is called the Relaunch Decree and contains:

  • contributions a lost fund to purchase services for the development of innovative enterprises;
  • support venture capitalists and venture capitalists;
  • tax credit in research and development;
  • extension of the term of stay in the special section of the business register;
  • extended warranty forcentral guarantee fund for SMEs;
  • additional incentives investment in innovative startups.

Why work with an innovative startup

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