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Beauty At Home

Find the best price at home

The first Italian platform for Beauty at Home. Find the best service at the best price for the beauty treatment you are looking for. Bring relaxation to your home.

Project idea

Concept behind the Project

The concept is to digitize the beauty sector by making a single platform available for Beauty Specialists to manage their business. All beauty services in a single digital space that allows customers to find the beauty treatment they are looking for at the best price.

The solution to create an organized and digital work model for a high-impact market, but with very low digitization. Choose, book, pay and bring relaxation to your home.
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How does it work


1. Sign up

Create your Customer Profile and immediately start finding the treatment that's right for you or open your Beauty Specialist Shop to start earning with Beauty At Home. You can save the app to your device for convenience. It doesn't take up space, we promise!

2. Configure the Profile

Make your Profile more pleasant and reliable whether you are a Customer or a Beauty Specialist. Enter your name, your photo and a small description. Think about it, would you meet a person without knowing anything about them?

3. Start Chatting

Search for the most suitable service for you and chat with a Beauty Specialist. Define the day, time and price together and enjoy the relaxation! Don't forget to leave a review after the service, it's important for both users and operators. 

Organizational structure


The platform has been structured in an innovative way to guarantee the best assistance service for both Clients and Beauty Specialists.

We made a Telephone Assistance Switchboard which will help you set up your Profile or Shop or manage any complaints.

If you are a Beauty Specialist, it will be assigned to you your personal Agent you can rely on to solve any technical or commercial problem.

Software Architecture


Beauty At Home is formed by a Website with static pages and landing pages to optimize both organic and paid positioning.

The central part consists ofAPP usable by both Customers and Beauty Specialists.

Finally, a Management system it's a Integration system with Third Party Software which guarantee excellent management and control of organizational activities in support of the application.

Native Ecommerce


Beauty At Home is fully integrated to manage the payments automatically either by Credit Card or Paypal.

Thanks to the Management System, administration and transactions are controlled and managed automatically.

The platform is a real Native Ecommerce that allows you to sell your services and can be easily integrated with your business software.

Sign in


Try the features of the platform, create your profile and start exploring the beauty services offered.

If you are a Beauty Specialist configure your Shop e start earning with Beauty At Home.

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