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You are in a place and you are available. Like you many other people. With Hora, the Dating APP of Events, no more late matches and missed opportunities. Live the moment, live Hora.

Project idea

Concept behind the Project

The concept is to maximize the probability of arranging a meeting with a boy or girl who is actually available and close to you, in a well-defined context and at a specific moment, such as an event.

No more late matches with people who have already taken the plane and are on the other side of the world. No more useless chats that waste your time. Meet new people, Hora.
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Rules of the game


1. Create a Profile

Create a profile for this event. You can enter all the information you want to make your profile more interesting.

2. Join an active Event

Inside the event, you can browse attendee profiles and start private chats (with end-to-end encryption).

3. Order Drinks

Find the local menu within the application. Repeat Step 3 as needed to make the conversations and people in the app interesting.

Web App


Hora Events is one Web APP developed with HTML5 and CSS languages that can be used directly from the web, without the need to download from the Apple and Google platforms.

The decision to prototype a Web App has reduced the performance of instant messaging, but has allowed the creation of 10 versions of the application, making changes at very low costs and times compared to what is required for a native APP prototyping.

Although it cannot be downloaded from the stores, it is possible save it on your device without memory space requirement. 

Hour events


We create Hora Events in high-level venues.

Contact us for information and to customize the event to the specific needs of your venue.

Each event always includes a Custom menu And Dedicated Features.

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Time Events
Have you already participated in a Hora event?
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