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Automatically detect the language used by the user and automatically translate the website. Through an automatic pop-up, the user can change the language of the website using his preferred one.
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IMPLEMENTATION OF THE Website Automatic Translation SERVICE

In this section you will find some examples of implementation of the Automatic Website Translation about our showroom projects.


Things THE AUTOMATIC Website Translation SERVICE

Automatic detection of the user's language: how it works

When a business requires the sale of products or services to foreign users, it is essential to make the company website multilingual. The translation of a website does not only consist in the translation of the pages, but it is possible to insert a series of automatic features provided by the chosen translation plugin (eg TranslatePress).

The automatic detection of the user's language is a feature that allows you to do choose the language to be used by the user while browsing in order to get the best user experience. At the first visit, the user will see a pop-up that will allow him to choose (among those available) his preferred language and, subsequently, the website will be automatically translated.

Language detection via Browser and IP address

The automatic detection of the user's language is carried out via Browser And IP address. When the user views the page, the Plugin detects the language set in his browser and, if it differs from the native one of the website, it returns a pop-up that allows you to change the language of the website. In the event that it is not possible to detect the language through the Browser, the Plugin determines the language used by the user by analyzing his IP address.

If the user decides to change the language of the website, in a few seconds it will come automatically redirected to the website in the chosen language version. This step will no longer be required by the user on the next visit, as the language is saved in a cookie in order to automatically redirect the user to the last language visited and improve its user experience of the website.

Personalized and user friendly pop-up

For the automatic detection of the user's language it is recommended to use a pop-up which allows the user to choose his preferred language. It is possible to set the automatic redirection to the language detected in the Browser or IP address, but this could create problems related to the website indexing on the search engine.

The pop-up provided by the TranslatePress translation plugin is customizable in the text shown to the user and it will also be possible to choose between two different types of pop-ups. The pop-up is responsive, that is, it automatically adapts to the type of device used by the user in order to guarantee excellent interaction with the user.


Effects of the Website Automatic Translation Service


After you have successfully implemented the Automatic Website Translation you will be able to observe some effects on your business.

The digital realm is transversal and it is common that interventions in one area also affect other business areas.

Areas concerned
Costumer service



We guarantee diagnosis And free repair for any malfunction of the product on one simple condition: no modification independently or by third parties.
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Price of the Website Automatic Translation Service


In this section you will find the quotation reserved for the public for the service of Automatic Website Translation.

We maintain a fair price policy for the right quality of work or, as we like to say: we don't sell smoke, but neither do we sell off the roast.


To reach the international customers
250 €
+ 90 € / year
Language detection through the User's browser
Language detection via IP address
Automatic pop-up change language
Custom pop-up text
All prices are net of VAT and ancillary charges.


FREQUENT QUESTIONS SU Automatic Translation Website

We have collected in a practical box the questions we often receive from our customers regarding this type of service offered. If this box does not answer your specific question, contact us.

The website is automatically translated into the language chosen by the user. Automatic translation takes place by linking translation services (eg Google Translate, Deepl) to the translation plugin installed on the website.

The automatic translation can sometimes be obsolete with respect to certain contents, if you want a more precise translation it is possible to intervene by manually translating the contents of the website.

It depends on the languages defined in the Translation Plugin installed on the website. There is no limit on the languages that can be defined, usually the languages used by potential customers of the business are chosen.

No, as it will no longer appear to you on your next visit to the website. When the user confirms his preferred language, he will be able to browse the website always using the same language without having to change it manually. This is a great choice for websites that offer products or services aimed at a foreign target who prefer to surf in their native language.

The cost is relative to the license of the chosen Translation Plugin and any extra costs for the technical configuration of the Plugin and functionality by a professional.

To improve the browsing experience for foreign users. If a company produces products and services intended for a potential foreign clientele, offering an immediate translation of the website into the native language will ensure a better experience when browsing and a greater likelihood that it will rely on and buy from the website, since generally people they prefer to shop online in their native language.

Furthermore, a foreign user who will interact with the automatic language detection pop-up will feel considered by the company, consequently this feature guarantees a greater probability of establishing a relationship of trust between user and brand.

Next Steps


A simple procedure, fast and safe that guarantees both parties the maximum effectiveness in the business relationship.

You you will not waste time with endless alignment meetings and we'll get it clear indications on the current situation in order to work in the way that best meets your needs.

Business negotiation

We are always available to start a commercial negotiation by negotiating on commercial conditions with our customers.

Upon reaching the agreement on price, payment conditions and activities included in the estimate, the commercial negotiation is concluded e it starts with work.

If there is a down payment, you will be asked to pay it according to the terms and timing of the commercial agreement.

Confidentiality Agreement

We work on direct behalf of our Customers, whose Identity and Business we protect.

Before starting the work, we offer the opportunity to sign a confidentiality agreement for the protection and tranquility of the customer. Work done on other customers will not be reused, no data relating to the customer's business will be shown to other customers

Meeting and start of works

We organize a meeting of varying duration depending on the complexity of the circumstances of your business. Usually, in 30 minutes, we can solve everything you need to know before leaving.

We schedule the work on a calendar and start with the work. First of all, we collaborate to recover everything that could serve as documentation or access credentials to computer systems.

Review and Closure of Works

We organize a final meeting to review the work done and make it operational.

When all the objectives have been achieved and the work can be considered completed, you will be asked to complete the payment.


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User Language Detection Pop-up

Automatic Website Translation Demo

User Language Detection Pop-up Configuration on the Sviluppoapp website through the TranslatePress plugin. The function of the pop-up is to detect the language used by the user and advise the change of language. This image shows an automatic pop-up that recommends changing the language to Italian, as the user is viewing the website in English, which is not the language set for his browser and detected by his IP address. 

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User Language Detection Pop-up

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