Domain DKIM authentication

With DKIM authentication your domain will be recognized as authoritative by the main email service providers (eg Gmail or Outlook). Improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns by increasing receive and read rates.
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IMPLEMENTATION OF THE SERVICE DKIM authentication of the domain

In this section you will find some examples of implementation of the Domain DKIM authentication about our showroom projects.


Things THE SERVICE DKIM Domain Authentication

What is DKIM?

DKMI means Domain Keys Identified Email and corresponds to the standard domain authentication method for preventing email marketing campaigns from being received in spam.

By authenticating DKMI, your domain will be recognized as authoritative domain from major email service providers (eg Gmail, Outlook), in this way your email marketing campaigns will be received by users in their inbox without being marked as spam.

Boost Email Marketing

DKMI domain authentication allows you to improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns increasing reception and reading rates, because statistically the emails received in the ordinary mailbox and not in the spam box are read more.

To authenticate DKMI it is necessary to operate on the DNS by entering i codes provided by email service providers. After entering the value strings on the DNS, the provider makes a verify and if the values match the DKMIN authentication has occurred.


Effects of the Domain DKIM Authentication Service


After you have successfully implemented the Domain DKIM authentication you will be able to observe some effects on your business.

The digital realm is transversal and it is common that interventions in one area also affect other business areas.

Areas concerned
Digital Reputation



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Domain DKIM Authentication Service Price


In this section you will find the quotation reserved for the public for the service of Domain DKIM authentication.

We maintain a fair price policy for the right quality of work or, as we like to say: we don't sell smoke, but neither do we sell off the roast.


Ideal if your emails they end up in spam
100 €
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DNS authentication
DKIM Google and Outlook
DKIM email marketing services
DKIM other programs
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FREQUENT QUESTIONS SU Domain DKIM authentication

We have collected in a practical box the questions we often receive from our customers. No it is not true, is a FAQ box that improves the SEO of the site. But if you really have a question that you can't keep or that you can't find on the internet, contact us.

Gmail offers support for domain authentication via DKIM a this article

Outlook offers support for domain authentication via DKIM a this article

Outlook offers support for domain authentication via DKIM within your domain's DNS zone. To do this, you need to log in with your domain credentials on the DNS zone hosting provider (eg AWS).

Why email service providers consider your domain to be fraudulent. By DKIM authenticating your domain, providers (eg Gmail and Outlook) will consider your domain as authentic by sending your emails to the mailbox.

Because it increases reception and reading rates. By DKIM authenticating your domain for email service providers (eg Gmail and Outlook) fewer people will spam your emails.

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We are always available to start a commercial negotiation by negotiating on commercial conditions with our customers.

Upon reaching the agreement on price, payment conditions and activities included in the estimate, the commercial negotiation is concluded e it starts with work.

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Before starting the work, we offer the opportunity to sign a confidentiality agreement for the protection and tranquility of the customer. Work done on other customers will not be reused, no data relating to the customer's business will be shown to other customers

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We schedule the work on a calendar and start with the work. First of all, we collaborate to recover everything that could serve as documentation or access credentials to computer systems.

Review and Closure of Works

We organize a final meeting to review the work done and make it operational.

When all the objectives have been achieved and the work can be considered completed, you will be asked to complete the payment.


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Authentication on AWS

DKMI Domain Authentication Demo

DKIM authentication of the domain via AWS. The domain is verified by entering a code string provided by the various email provider services (eg Gmail, Sendinblue) in the TXT record in your hosting account.  

Implement Domain DKIM authentication spending less than 150 €.

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Authentication on AWS

Are you thinking about whether to implement Domain DKIM authentication in your business?

Choose to do it with us for less than 150 €.