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Adapt your website to the European GDPR legislation with the Google AdSense Banner. The ideal solution to comply with the law at no cost.
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IMPLEMENTATION OF THE GDPR Banner Service with Google AdSense

In this section you will find some examples of implementation of the GDPR banner with Google AdSense about our showroom projects.


Things THE GDPR Banner SERVICE with Google AdSense

GDPR: what has changed with the European regulation

From 25 May 2018, the 2016/679 EU Regulation, known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which governs the way in which companies and organizations process personal data. The legislation aims to provide each individual with control over the use of their data, protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals.

The entry into force of this regulation entails for the online world the need to adapt to the regulations and guidelines that protect online users, in particular it is necessary, for the majority of websites, to show a banner at the user's first visit to allow him to decide whether to give (or not) the consent and prepare one cookie policy it's a privacy policy.

Google AdSense as a CMP

On the web there are several Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) that you can rely on to become GDPR compliant. Some solutions on the web are more complex such as CookieBot, a paid platform ideal for companies that have specific needs related to the processing of internal data purchased for commercial purposes.

Google AdSense turns out to be one basic and free solution for the management of consent, sufficient to comply with the rules defined by the GDPR and protect the interests of users.

Insert the Google AdSense GDPR Banner on your site

Google AdSense is the cheapest solution for install the GDPR Banner on your website and be in compliance with the European Regulation. It is only necessary to configure your AdSense profile and ask for the approval of the website, then you will be able to proceed with the installation of the banner on your site.

The solution provided by Google AdSense is usable by any type of company, but in some cases it is recommended to choose more complex solutions (eg. CookieBot), especially in the event that the site is not approved by Google AdSense because it does not comply with the rules of the program.


Effects of the GDPR Banner Service with Google AdSense


After you have successfully implemented the GDPR banner with Google AdSense you will be able to observe some effects on your business.

The digital realm is transversal and it is common that interventions in one area also affect other business areas.

Areas concerned
Privacy Policy
Digital Reputation
Basic Tools



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Price of the GDPR Banner Service with Google AdSense


In this section you will find the quotation reserved for the public for the service of GDPR banner with Google AdSense.

We maintain a fair price policy for the right quality of work or, as we like to say: we don't sell smoke, but neither do we sell off the roast.


Ideal to be GDPR compliant without excessive costs
100 €
lump sum
AdSense configuration
Site approval
Pop-up Banner message customization
Extension of CCPA and LGPD regulations
Site approval can be denied if you do not comply with the AdSense program policies.



We have collected in a practical box the questions we often receive from our customers regarding this type of service offered. If this box does not answer your specific question, contact us.

One of the first activities is insert a GDPR banner to request user consent for the processing of personal data and a privacy policy and cookie policy.

To avoid making mistakes in compliance with the guidelines defined by EU Regulation 2016/679, the ideal solution is to rely on one of the Consent Management platforms available on the web (eg Google AdSense, CookieBot).

It depends. There are several platforms on the Web that provide Consent Management solutions. Google AdSense is the basic solution implemented by Google that allows you to adapt to the rules of the GDPR at no fixed cost.

There are other platforms on the web (eg CookieBot) that provide more complex solutions ideal for larger companies with specific needs. In this case there is a fixed cost for using the platform.

NB To activate the Google AdSense banner cookie service, your site must be approved by Google AdSense, only later will it be possible to insert the banner on your website.


Yup, the GDPR Regulation requires the presence of a cookie banner at the first sight of the user that allows him to give consent and a cookie and privacy policy.

It is possible to avoid inserting the cookie banner only if the website uses only cookies exempt from the obligation of prior consent (eg technical cookies).

The Cookie Banner must necessarily contain: theShort Information, command for accept or refuse consent, link to the area dedicated to granular consent it's a direct link to the cookie policy.

On the web there are free or paid solutions (eg Google AdSense, CookieBot) that you can rely on to install the banner on your website correctly, respecting the requirements imposed by the privacy legislation.

Yup, but it is essential to have a banner on your site to comply with European legislation on the protection of personal data and to ensure transparency with your users regarding the use of their personal data.

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GDPR Banner Configuration with Google AdSense

GDPR Banner Demo with Google AdSense

Installation of the Google AdSense GDPR Banner on the Sviluppoapp site to allow the user to give (or not) consent for the use of his personal data.

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GDPR Banner Configuration with Google AdSense

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