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Create the multilingual sitemap and translate the slugs and meta tags of your website pages. Enhance SEO in all languages on your website.
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In this section you will find some examples of implementation of the Multilingual Indexing and SEO about our showroom projects.


Things THE SERVICE Multilingual Indexing and SEO

Index your site in different languages

When you decide to create a multilingual site, you need to worry about yours too indexing and positioning on the Google search engine. Indexing a monolingual website requires the creation of one Sitemap with the list of all the URLs, the same activity must be carried out for a multilingual site by generating and sending a multilingual Sitemap to Google.

A Multilingual sitemap has the same structure as a monolingual sitemap, the only difference is in the URL where the foreign language tag posted on the website. To create a multilingual sitemap without errors, you can rely on plugins such as TranslatePress which offers several features related to indexing and multilingual SEO.

Create multilingual SEO

In addition to indexing, when you decide to translate a site into different foreign languages, it is necessary to take care of the Multilingual SEO. This activity consists not only in translating the various contents of the website into different languages, but above all in defining keyword, title tag, meta description tag And slug in the chosen foreign language.

Translating slugs and meta tags is not a trivial activity: it is necessary avoid a literal translation, but you have to understand what terms users use who will view the site in that particular language, so ensure the same user experience which would get a user viewing the site in the original language.

Make your site accessible to everyone

Multilingual SEO and indexing activities are essential if you own an e-commerce or an international platform is oriented to sale of products or services to foreign targets. Generally, most users prefer to shop online on native language sites, so if the company is strictly oriented to a potential foreign clientele, it is essential to translate and index the website in the best possible way, as well as take care of the SEO on different languages.


Effects of the Multilingual Indexing and SEO Service


After you have successfully implemented the Multilingual Indexing and SEO you will be able to observe some effects on your business.

The digital realm is transversal and it is common that interventions in one area also affect other business areas.

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Price of the Multilingual Indexing and SEO Service


In this section you will find the quotation reserved for the public for the service of Multilingual Indexing and SEO.

We maintain a fair price policy for the right quality of work or, as we like to say: we don't sell smoke, but neither do we sell off the roast.


For e-commerce And international platforms
300 €
+ 150 € / year
Meta Tag Translation
Translation of the Slugs
Hreflang Tag Setting
Multilingual Sitemap Extension
All prices are net of VAT and ancillary charges.


FREQUENT QUESTIONS SU Indexing and Multilingual SEO

We have collected in a practical box the questions we often receive from our customers. No it is not true, is a FAQ box that improves the SEO of the site. But if you really have a question that you can't keep or that you can't find on the internet, contact us.

It is an attribute that allows you to set the reference language in the Head section of each page. Basically, by entering the Hreflang Tag Google understands the reference language of the content and present the page to the correct user.

The Hreflang Tag greatly improves the indexing of a multilingual site, as it is a tool that allows you to divide the contents into the various languages present on the site.

To manage the indexing and SEO of a multilingual site is It is necessary to have a plugin dedicated to SEO and a plugin dedicated to website translation.

Subsequently, the main activities concern the translation of the main SEO elements (eg slug, meta tags) and the extension of the multilingual Sitemap.

The fixed cost to index a multilingual website is related to the cost of licenses for the SEO plugin and for the translation plugin.

Other costs to be taken into consideration are related to the technical configuration of the plugins drawn up by a professional, as well as the costs related to a manual translation of the website.

When deciding to translate a website into several languages, it is recommended to index the website and create a multilingual SEO in order to better reach the foreign reference target.

Generally, a company that decides to translate its website into other languages aims at a potential foreign clientele, consequently indexing the website for the reference language is essential to position itself digitally on the foreign market.

No, if your goal is to better position yourself on a foreign market.

Translation plugins like TranslatePress offer automatic website translation functionality which can be a good starting point for starting to own a multilingual website. However, this is not the best solution for positioning your site, in which case it is necessary to intervene manually by translating keywords, meta tags and slugs to avoid literal translations that can damage the digital reputation of the company.

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