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Improve your SEO performance and user experience by adding breadcrumbs to your site. Ideal solution for blogs and shops with many categories and classifications.
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IMPLEMENTATION OF THE Breadcrumb Navigation Service

In this section you will find some examples of implementation of the Navigation Breadcrumb about our showroom projects.


Things THE Breadcrumb Navigation Service

Breadcrumb and SEO

Breadcrumbs are i navigation paths present on a website and are an additional feature that allows you to improve SEO performance and theuser experience.

By adding breadcrumbs to your website you allow search engine crawlers to better classify and contextualize the contents of your site, as they find short and specific keywords at the top of a page that allow you to better rank the information in the SERP. Also, since breadcrumbs are nothing but gods internal links, contribute to the distribution of PageRank.

Better UI with Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are an important feature for users as well, because they help them to do not "get lost" in the pages, improving the navigability of the site.

Having navigation paths on your website increases the likelihood of improve conversion ratesin fact, they make the purchase path in a shop easier, reducing the bounce rate and increasing the likelihood that the user will complete a purchase.

If you own a blog, adding breadcrumbs allows you to increase reading rates more content, because users easily navigate from one category to another.


Effects of the Breadcrumb Navigation Service


After you have successfully implemented the Navigation Breadcrumb you will be able to observe some effects on your business.

The digital realm is transversal and it is common that interventions in one area also affect other business areas.

Areas concerned
Content Creation
Basic Tools



We guarantee diagnosis And free repair for any malfunction of the product on one simple condition: no modification independently or by third parties.
Lifetime Warranty

We are not thieves by trade.
There is too much competition.

Price of the Breadcrumb Navigation Service


In this section you will find the quotation reserved for the public for the service of Navigation Breadcrumb.

We maintain a fair price policy for the right quality of work or, as we like to say: we don't sell smoke, but neither do we sell off the roast.


Upgrade yours SEO
140 €
lump sum
Pages and Categories
Shop products
Blog articles
Insertion 1000 pages
All prices are net of VAT and ancillary charges.


FREQUENT QUESTIONS SU Navigation Breadcrumb

We have collected in a practical box the questions we often receive from our customers regarding this type of service offered. If this box does not answer your specific question, contact us.

It means navigation path and helps your site visitors understand which section they are in at any given moment. It comes from the myth of Ariadne's thread and from the bread crumbs of Tom Thumb's tale. in both cases, tools to rediscover the road made up to that moment.
With a dedicated plugin, code or manual entry on the site.. Depending on how your site is structured, the best technical solution can be different. We recommend that you ask a technician for help.
No, the site also works without breadcrumbs. However, they are highly recommended because they improve the SEO of the site and make the user browsing experience more satisfying.
One per page is the optimal recommended technical solution for SEO.
They are not mandatoryHowever, inserting breadcrumbs greatly improves your site's SEO score.

Next Steps


A simple procedure, fast and safe that guarantees both parties the maximum effectiveness in the business relationship.

You you will not waste time with endless alignment meetings and we'll get it clear indications on the current situation in order to work in the way that best meets your needs.

Business negotiation

We are always available to start a commercial negotiation by negotiating on commercial conditions with our customers.

Upon reaching the agreement on price, payment conditions and activities included in the estimate, the commercial negotiation is concluded e it starts with work.

If there is a down payment, you will be asked to pay it according to the terms and timing of the commercial agreement.

Confidentiality Agreement

We work on direct behalf of our Customers, whose Identity and Business we protect.

Before starting the work, we offer the opportunity to sign a confidentiality agreement for the protection and tranquility of the customer. Work done on other customers will not be reused, no data relating to the customer's business will be shown to other customers

Meeting and start of works

We organize a meeting of varying duration depending on the complexity of the circumstances of your business. Usually, in 30 minutes, we can solve everything you need to know before leaving.

We schedule the work on a calendar and start with the work. First of all, we collaborate to recover everything that could serve as documentation or access credentials to computer systems.

Review and Closure of Works

We organize a final meeting to review the work done and make it operational.

When all the objectives have been achieved and the work can be considered completed, you will be asked to complete the payment.


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We have selected some processes that could be of your interest, considering that you are viewing the Breadcrumb Navigation service.

They are not mandatory jobs, but implementing them would bring a significant advantage.

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Satisfied or Refunded Guarantee
starting from

Implementation on Blog

Breadcrumb demo

Breadcrumb implementation on the Developapp Blog. In each of our articles you will find the navigation paths that help the user to understand where he is at that moment. We have chosen to include breadcrumbs in our articles so that users can easily return to the blog to find other articles or enter a specific category.

Implement Navigation Breadcrumb spending less than 200 €.

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Implementation on Blog

Are you thinking about whether to implement Navigation Breadcrumb in your business?

Choose to do it with us for less than 200 €.