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We protect interests and business of our Clients, that's why here you don't find the works done for the Clients, but projects and experiments of our property.
#Hai Something To Let Me See

Exhibited Projects


In this section you will find active and functioning entrepreneurial projects owned by us for demonstration purposes and, of course, for profit.

1. A Bad Habit

Many companies that work in the digital sector are always ready to show the work portfolio carried out on other customers, especially in the sales phase.

This practice, totally inelegant and inappropriate, makes us reflect. The first thought that always came to us when we were still customers has always been:

"If they now show me another Client's business, tomorrow they'll show mine to someone else."

2. Change of Direction

We take a totally different approach.

We will never show you a work done for other Clients and, likewise, we will never show yours to third parties.

Imagine how annoying it can be, and how much it can break the relationship of customer-supplier trust, knowing that to take 200 € we have opened your site in front of other people showing its structure and internal contents.

3. But everyone wants to see

However, we are human beings. Curiosity and the need to see something concrete to understand better or to have proof of the validity of what you go to buy are all normal things.

It is in fact often requested by customers or potential customers to be able to see some work done.

This is why we have created a Showroom section in which to exhibit models, experiments, demo And prototypes of our own manufacture.


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Laboratory for Digital Entrepreneurs

Project, infrastructure and organization of the company. In this project, you will find all the implementations and experiments made on our site.


Engineering Portal

The official portal of Italian engineering

The official portal of Italian engineering. Technical articles, updates on the legislation and many other useful resources in the most reliable technical blog for those in the profession.

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Beauty At Home

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The first Italian platform for Home Beauty. Find the best service at the best price for the beauty treatment you are looking for. Bring relaxation to your home.