Company Profile

Svilapp is one Software house And Web agency.

We deal with digital projects for Micro Enterprises, Professional Studios and Startups.

We are registered in the special register of Innovative Startups and certified suppliers for the main ones European tenders for innovation and PNRR.

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The Developp brand

Why the Marbles

In an increasingly simplistic and trivialized world, we choose a metaphor to tell the origin of our brand.

The Biglia is an elegant glass sphere, decorated inside with four colored brushstrokes. It recalls games and challenges with childhood friends, pleasantly surprising with a wide assortment of sizes and colors.

Svilapp is an elegant and transparent company animated by experts in the 4 digital fields. It is proposed to customers as a partner for games and challenges in the world of adults, pleasantly surprising with scalable and customized solutions.

Site design

Every Marble a story

Every time you visit a page, theArtificial intelligence of the site, chooses a style theme and loads its graphic elements.

Biglia Engineering Portal Theme 0001

Engineering portal

The theme is inspired by the Engineering Portal project

Local branches

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We work even remotely to your digital projects. Or, if you prefer, we are waiting for you in one of ours branches.

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Collaboration program B2B with local entrepreneurs and professionals protected by agreement no competition.
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