Theme: Hora Events

"Live the moment, live Hora"
Theme inspired by the Hora Events project. The social dating app to never miss an opportunity and fully enjoy every occasion.

History of the Theme


A brilliant entrepreneur from Brianza contacts us one day and tells us that he has an idea to change the way people match on dating apps. We are there and decide together to turn words into deeds.

Thus was born the Hora Events app that allows everyone to experience the moment in a much more intense way and without missed opportunities, compared to other dating apps. The project has now been launched and many users are using the match mechanism in the many locations available in Brianza and Milan.

The theme was born on the occasion of the first Hora event held in December 2021, in which, thanks to the contribution of all the participants, the first prototype of the app offers a very interesting evening in the local Brianza hosting the event.

Since that moment, further events have taken place in the Milan area where the application has been tested by hundreds of users and, in collaboration with, the prototype has become an app for Android and IOs.

Today, find the Hora Events project in our project showroom and you can download the app by joining the community of active users on the platform.

Hora Events

Occurrence frequency: 30%

Creation date: 01/12/2021

Coordinated Image


The theme takes up the colors of the Hora Events App.

The marble is composed, as the predominant color, of the Rose, color of intimacy and human relationships and two shades of Grey, derived from red and pink, which help to smooth and give a sense of elegant pink satin finish. Complete the palette on White, to give brightness.

The palette looks like the Hora Events project actually is: pearly, elegant and intriguing, like an evening in Brianza, which could be the occasion for a rosy and soft encounter.