Website: 7 reasons why you absolutely must develop it

Why spend money on building a website for a business when there's the option to create a Facebook or Instagram page for free? It's a legitimate question, especially given the increase in the use of social networks, which is why we have collected the 7 reasons that will change your mind about why it is important to have a website.

Website: 7 reasons why you absolutely must develop it
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Why it is important to have a website in 2023

Although most of the activities are landing on social networks, when you decide to create an online presence for your company, the creation of a website remains one of the first actions to be taken.

Being online with a site should be one strategic choice to make yourself known, to reach new customers, to keep customers updated or for other specific reasons.

Creating your own platform is the beginning of a long journey that aims to exploitation of the webto achieve specific business objectives. Having only an Instagram profile or a Facebook page without connecting a website to it generates an incomplete corporate identity in the consumer's mind, an idea of little commitment and disinterest. If you don't value your company, how can you make your customers understand that you will satisfy their needs?

We have prepared a list of 7 main reasons why you should have a website. Let's see together the benefits you could get by creating a professional website.

The website is your digital business card

Yes, it is something felt and resented, but nothing is true anymore. Just like having a business card in your pocket, a website is a digital business card to introduce yourself to people.

Just as when you go to events or meet new people you leave your business card (it hasn't gone out of fashion yet), when you send an email or create a post on social media it is essential insert the link to your website.

A website creates a basic structure that can be enriched with many other elements, such as Social Profiles, which contribute to add value to your organization, highlighting professionalism and seriousness.

Your own content

A website, including everything on it, is your property. Conversely, even if you created your Facebook page or Instagram profile, both are third-party owned platforms.

What does this mean? Since you are not the owner of your own Facebook page or Instagram profile, content can be subject to censorship or removal because it doesn't respect the rules dictated by the platform, or because another user has reported the content as "offensive" or "spam". Furthermore, in extreme cases, the social network in question may reserve the right to temporarily obscure your page or, worse, close it permanently, destroying the work done up to that moment.

So, the advantage of having a website is that it's yours and that you are free to post whatever you want about your business without worrying about someone trying to take down your site.

Increased visibility

Owning your own website means giving a greater visibility to your business and, consequently, reach a wider audience.

Having a profile on multiple social networks will not be enough because you will never reach all the people who are interested in your products or services. Remember: even if you are present on Facebook or Instagram, not all of your target is said to be there.

An added bonus is that search engines prefer a website, showing it before a social page. Typing the name of a company on Google the first thing that will appear is the website and only after the various profiles and pages on social networks.

Better positioning on search engines

A website is the only tool it can be SEO optimized to get a good ranking on search engines.

On social networks you will be able to create content in line with your communication strategy and your feed, but nothing will ensure that you are found in the global search. Everything is governed by the algorithm of the social network in question. Obviously, even on search engines there is an algorithm that determines the positioning of a website, but it is possible to implement some SEO techniques to optimize your ranking.

Being first in the SERP is an incredible advantage since most users stop at first organic results on the first page of Google. In addition, a well-positioned and well-structured website SEO Oriented will have the opportunity to be reached by a larger audience.

Custom graphics with your identity

Once you have a user hooked on your site, the first thing they will notice is the graphics and the navigation that you have chosen to reflect your business. When you structure a website, the choice of graphic and text elements, the setting of the navigation menu and the tone of voice to be adopted is essential to immediately communicate your brand identity.

A Facebook page or Instagram profile is not as customizable as a website. For each company you will find the same settings and same methodology for sharing content, what changes is only the content of the post. The website is the only tool that can really differentiate yourself from the competition, if exploited well it will be able to bring out your business.

Best web reputation

Put yourself in the shoes of one of your potential customers: would you ever trust a business that sells products and/or services only on social networks without a reference site? A website, including all corporate information, conveys more professionalism.

Especially when selling products or services online, having only one social page is a bit reductive. Where can I find the terms and conditions of services and return policies? Who guarantees me that payments are made on secure circuits? And in terms of privacy, how are my data treated? These are questions that a user asks himself and which on a website must necessarily be specified together with all the activity data.

Greater customer loyalty

Having a website can help you make your customers more loyal. For example, you could insert forms to collect subscriptions to newsletters, or provide interesting content in your blog that is published periodically, creating a sort of appointment with your client.

Owning data and information about your customers will allow you to create a more faithful and lasting relationship. Keeping in regular contact with them speeds up the likelihood of conversion.

Enter the world of the web

Creating your own digital platform where you can include your corporate identity and your products and/or services is an activity that you can no longer postpone. Yes, obviously it is not a free activity like opening a Facebook page or an Instagram profile, but having your own website you will give value to your company and you will communicate modernityprofessionalism And seriousness.

Contact us, we will be at your disposal to advise you on the most suitable solution for you.

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